On January 26th (Saturday), a guided tea ceremony and house tour in English of the “Shohakutei” Tea House will be held in Kashiwanoha Park.

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We are very pleased to introduce a tour of the SHOHAKUEI, a traditional Japanese style tea house and garden.  At the beginning of the tour, a semi-formal tea service with wagashi cake will be provided, demonstration of various tea manners as well as viewing several tea-ceremony-utensils included. After then stroll through a traditional tea garden and experience such as entering a typical and traditional tea room through a very small entrance called the NIJIRI-GUCHI etc, as long as time permitted.

Tea will be served using Chadogu (traditional utensils).

We very much hope that you’ll be able to attend and enjoy the experience!

To participate, please fill in the application form below and press the SEND button.
Application will be accepted on and after December 19 until January 24, 2019 and a Confirmation email will be sent to you within a few days.


To attend the guided tour of  Shohakutei Tea House in English on
Saturday, January 26th , 2019

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Thank you for registering your interest in attending the tour.
We look forward to meeting you soon.
Manager, Kashiwanoha Park

Kashiwanoha Park Guide Map
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Area Reference Map
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