Leave Translation To Your Local Seniors In Town!

K-SES is an experienced senior team, based in Kashiwa City, who translates and interprets English.

Our Advantages

・Abundant Experiences and Versatile Backgrounds

Experiences as business expatriate in overseas, overseas living experiences, translation business,  business with foreign companies, etc.
(Technical documents, Legal / contract documents, Literature, various application documents · · · we can respond to various needs ·)

・Translation in Vivid Language Not Relying On Simple Word Translation Or Machine Translation

・Close Contact Services Will Be Provided Locally (Northwestern part of Chiba, Tokatsu region)

  In-Person Request Hearing And Efforts To Confirm The Actual Situation On-Site

・Translation Of The Projects In Specialized Fields Will Be Done After Research

 ・Team Members Mutually Review Each Translation, And We Offer The Brushed Up Outputs

・We Provide High-Quality Contents And Services At Low Price That Make Full Use Of Senior Diversity And Extensive Experiences